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IMF Launches Updated Website

3 November 2014

IMF is pleased to announce the launch of our updated website, designed with a fresh look and user-friendly navigation!

Our goal with the new site was to provide detailed information about the applications and benefits of the shot peening process, our primary specialty. Additionally, our quality system certificates and Nadcap accreditation documents are now available for download. We've also improved the communication tools so that you may keep in touch with us, as well as easily request information and quotes.

We hope you find the new site informative and easy to navigate and welcome your feedback:

IMF President Consults at Shot Peening Symposium

Recently, a major medical implant manufacturer invited Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc.’s president, Bob Hayden, to participate at a shot peening symposium that was attended by a number of the company’s principal engineering and administrative personnel as well as members of their outside support team. The primary topic was the identification and validation of key characteristics of the shot peening process on their products.

The shot peening process, when preformed properly, increases the fatigue strength of some metals as much as 400%. Through scientific testing, shot peening proves to be a reliable and repeatable manufacturing process as long as the process parameters outlined in the governing specification are properly monitored and maintained, however the procedures for verification of post peening results are often not as detailed.

Post process verification is somewhat more difficult due to the varying geometry, hardness, and chemistry of peened parts. The fatigue strength improvement is established through a series of tests where both peened and non-peened parts are cycled to failure. Additionally, with the introduction of non-destructive testing equipment, verification of the desired process result – through statistical analysis – is practical and more efficient.

If you would like technical consultation for your shot peening applications from a member of our engineering staff please contact us.

Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV)

CUAUV Wins International Competition
Aug. 2, 2009

Cornell University Underwater Autonomous Vehicle team wins international competition
For the 2nd time in the team’s history, the Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team has won the AUVSI and ONR's 12th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition. CUAUV’s last win was in 2003. The team is thrilled about its victory, which also comes with a $10,000 check. During the final run, Nova, the 2009 competition vehicle, completed most elements in the obstacle course. The experience was absolutely amazing. The team was ecstatic to see its hard work (which includes over 200 hours of testing in Teagle Pool) pay off. CUAUV was extremely impressed with both the vehicles and the performance of its competitors. The team will be heading back soon to Ithaca to begin work on next year’s competition vehicle.

Industrial Metal Finishing is proud to be a sponsor of this project. For more information about IMF's involvement and the team, read below and visit the team's website at

Industrial Metal Finishing sponsors Cornell University team for second year.

The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team is a group of university students who design and build robotic submarines. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (or AUVs) have a wide range of applications including: military, offshore, and university research.

The Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team
The Cornell University team contacted Industrial Metal Finishing for technical and processing assistance preparing aluminum AUV parts for anodize and ensuring a required micro-surface finish. Industrial Metal Finishing’s engineers developed a process which took the aluminum parts from a 250+ surface finish to 32 or better micro-surface finish with minimal material loss to maintain assembly tolerances.

For information on how Industrial Metal Finishing’s engineers can assist with your metal finishing requirements please contact us.

For more information on the Cornell University AUV team please visit their website at .

"On behalf of the entire Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team I would just like to thank you for having given us the opportunity to have partaken in this life changing experience. Industrial Metal Finishing's contribution to our team allowed us to turn what started out as no more than an idea into a working AUV, Proteus. Without the contributions of Industrial Metal Finishing none of this would have ever been possible. Our entire team is indebted to you and your company and it is with the utmost sincerity that we thank you, once again, for helping us to recognize our goals this year."

Thomas Yen
Business Management Project Team Leader
Cornell Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team

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