Shot Peen Metal Finishing

Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc. is a premier provider of precision shot peening services. Shot peening is a controlled process that impacts metal surfaces with spherical particles, which realigns the mechanical structure at the surface and produces a compressive residual stress layer that inhibits the formation of fatigue cracks on the materials surface and substantially increases the service life of the product.

IMF’s engineering team will work closely with you to develop a process that increases the strength, performance, and lifecycle of critical components. IMF will assist you with troubleshooting performance issues, interpreting industry specifications, and developing proprietary peening specifications. Our highly skilled quality technicians conduct both visual inspections and surface imaging studies to quantify the effects of the shot peening process and verify process integrity.

Installation qualifications (IQ) and operational qualifications (OQ) are completed for all processing and support equipment within IMF’s validated facility.

As a customer-focused organization, we build strong relationships with each of our clients and provide services of exceptional quality and value. We are a trusted vendor for many large national companies and are capable of adhering to relevant automotive, aerospace, mil-spec, and medical industry standards. For more information about our shot peening services and how they can benefit your organization, contact us today.

Shot Peening Capability Details

General Capabilities
Process Development
Process Engineering
Process Validation (Operational Qualification,
Performance Qualification)
Finishing Service

Shot Peening

Increases the material fatigue life
Provides mechanical lubricity
Enhances resistance to stress corrosion cracking
Increases service life of product
Chemical and coating free process
Inhibits formation of fatigue cracks on the materials surface
Shot Type

Cast Steel Shot
Conditioned Cut Wire Shot
Glass Shot
Ceramic Shot

Part Length

Up to 120 in.

Part Width

Up to 30 in.

Part Height

Up to 30 in.

Part Weight

Up to 3500 lbs.


Checked to Shot Peeing Specifications

  • Visual Inspection
  • Surface Imaging
  • Surface Profile
Support Services
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Abrasive Blasting
Liquid Honing
Production Volume
Low Volume
Medium Volume
High Volume Capable
Short Run
Long Run
Typical Lead Times Available

3 Days on Repeat Orders
5 -10 Days on New Jobs

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Oil and Gas
Standard Specifications
SAE AMS 2430
SAE AMS 2431
SAE AMS-S-13165
SAE J2441
SAE J3020
MIL PRF-9954
Boeing BAC 5730
Lycoming 545
Parker BPS 4716
Parker BPS 4018
Industry Standards
FAA Approved Shot Peening Registrar
Federal Aviation Administration
Food And Drug Administration
ISO 9000
International Organization for Standardization
Military Specifications
National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program

Society of Automotive Engineers
File Formats

Portable Document Format